Not enough hours in the day? We will pull our truck up to your home or business and blow the mulch in. Call us for a free estimate.

We charge by the cubic yard. Typically, we blow it in at approximately three inches deep, so a cubic yard will cover 100 square feet, or if you need our seasonal topping, we put it in about one and a half inches deep and that will cover approximately 200 square feet per cubic yard. Regardless, we will work with you any way we can to meet your mulch needs.

What is the cost difference between bagged and blown? If a two cubic ft bag of pine bark mulch costs $3.51, you will spend $47.38 for a cubic yard of bagged mulch. If you have us blow in a cubic yard of pine bark mulch, it will cost around $50 to $60, so why wear out your back? Why get dirty? Sack the bag once and for all!

Send the gift of mulch to a friend or loved one. Sure it sounds funny, but think about the person that wants a nice yard, but just can't physically get out there and do it. It also makes a great Mother's Day gift or house warming present. When everyone else gives the same old same old, you can give something unique from all of the others.

Do you have a playground? Call us for an estimate to blow in your playground. We use only certified engineered wood fiber playground mulch for our playgrounds. ($3.25 + 8% tax per 2-cubic ft. bag) **Prices are subject to change without notice. A mileage surcharge is applied for distances greater than 20 miles from our shop.

"Project Playground" is designed to help schools, churches, and Day Care Centers fast track their playground mulch installation before the purchase order is approved. It is a "no obligation" way of scheduling mulch installation so that there is very little wait time once the purchase gets approval. Avoid unnecessary delays. Have your playground ready before the kids arrive. Call now and ask how our "Project Playground" solution will work for your organization.
We only use engineered wood fiber for our playground mulch. That means it has been designed with child safety in mind and meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. Our playground mulch is free from CCA lumber materials which can contain dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to children. Engineered wood fiber is cut to a specific size for safer play and softer landings.


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